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Our promotional key rings are available in many combinations of keyring styles and finishes to meet your promotional needs. We understand the many variables in the selection of your promotional key ring solutions... and we're here to help.

Many promotional products clients are seeking a keyring solution which communicates a very high quality image, such as our selection of premium key rings. Other clients will be looking for just the right mix of unique key ring design or special charm keyrings for their promotion or trade show event.

The pull apart keychain designs are very useful and popular... and speaking of being popular... the u-ring style of key rings can be used as promotional key rings that people will actually keep and use for really holding their keys. If people use your key ring, you will have an enormous amount of valuable promotional advertising during the life of these key rings!

Your customers will use these custom key rings when they are high quality keyrings with attractive designs and sharp engraving or printing. Also, when the customer finds that the promotional keyring adds value to their ring of keys (not just a cheap "plug" for the company), they are much more likely to allow your promotional message to remain on their key chain, and carry it for a long time!

Consider this: $1000 well spent vs. $500 wasted  --- well spent wins every time! (Think Quality)

Our attempt has been to show you a variety of promotional key ring products here online, however, if you don't see what you need --- call us toll free --- we supply custom key rings and key fobs also.

Throughout this promotional key ring site you will encounter some links which allow you to travel to other of our product specific websites, like this one for Printed Coffee Mugs, or this one for Custom Entrance Door Mats. This is for your benefit, however, we realize that sometimes it can appear confusing as you move from site to site.If while looking for promotional key ring products, you have a feeling of being overwhelmed... don't panic... please call our helpful customer service representatives with any promotional key chain questions you may have. You can even call our staff for questions regarding other promotional products. The number is 800-615-3578 to reach our helpful staff. 

As you look through the promotional key rings and other products on this site (or
Advertising Key Ringany of our other promotional products websites) you may be presented with a key chain design or product decoration that we will not choose to supply. Some advertising keyrings will be designed for use in marketing products we would strongly disagree with... we will not provide these products. All of our product information is obtained and maintained directly by the manufacturing supplier (and not our company). This means that on some occasions you may find products which would not be an acceptable promotional product for us to provide. Thanks for understanding and we look forward to serving you with high quality advertising key ring promotional items.

Thank You for choosing to visit our site featuring Customizable Keyrings.

These advertising key rings will add a nice branding element to your trade show and promotional activities. When your customers enjoy these keyrings, they are given another impression of your company and branding... it's a big punch in a little package.

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